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Who are we?

We are an international CoD4 specialized multigaming clan and always searching for new players, members and admins for our servers. We offer multiple gameservers for CoD4 with a wide variety of mods.


At the top of the unlucky-Gaming Community stands the management, which democratically resolves all upcoming topics (member applications, member promotions, new decisions, rule changes, etc). The management is the highest authority and active in all topic areas. Directly below the management are the head admins who are to be contacted before contacting the management about questions, regarding right issues and complaints. Head admins have the rights to vote at member applications. Admins and moderators are responsible for watching over the servers, ensuring compliance of the server rules and warning players abusing the rules. Finally there are regular members and trial-members.

Management Responsibilities

Beni*_*: Founder, Moderator, Admin

KeNo: Moderator, Admin

VOYD/saxzye: Moderator, Admin

dFaz: Moderator, Admin

For all question about joining to our team, please Contact our Management members.

Rule Book

This set of rules applies to all members and guests on the unLucky Gaming servers. Our goal is to provide good gaming atmosphere in the clan, forum and on the servers.

We find that a friendly interaction with one another is of utter importance. This applies to all interactions with other clan members as well as with guests on both this website and on teamspeak. Our admins are endeavored to ensure a positive gaming atmosphere.


  • Hacks or cheats that provide an advantage. This includes all kinds of aimbots, no recoil, wallhacks, color changes, etc. Users with such aids are banned permanently using a hardware-ID. This means that it does not matter whoever uses the PC. If cheats are found on the computer, excuses will not be accepted.
  • Extreme camping This depends on the game type. It is considered as extreme camping if the player seeks out the same spot multiple times so he can kill arriving players permanently. Taking cover for a short time hereby not meant. Players are to be warned multiple times. Under ultra extreme conditions players may be temporary banned, not exceeding the limitation of 24 hours.
  • Spam Players, that spam the chat multiple times, can be kicked when neglecting warnings. In case of recurrence a temporary ban of one day is to be expected.
  • Insulting will not be tolerated. On first sight a warning will be given. Under extreme conditions a temporary ban lasting up to one week is to be expected.
  • Racism will not be tolerated. On first sight a warning will be given. Under extreme conditions a (temporary) ban is to be expected.
  • Advertisement for other clans, servers or websites On violation – if not trailed automatically – the player is to be warned. On further abuse a kick or temporary ban lasting two days is to be expected. Actions should only be taken in cases that could harm the unLucky Gaming Community (advertising in chat, binds, eg.). An url in the playername regullaryisn't such a case.
  • Glitching (if out of view or extreme advantageous) Violations are to be admonished. On further abolishment kicks or temporary bans for one day may follow. Violations that are discovered whilst the concerned is absent can be reinforced with temporary bans for two days.
  • Admins and moderators are to be obeyed Discussions are not held on the servers. Complaints can be raised in the forums on the website or get resolved on teamspeak.

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