Unlucky Gaming is a multigaming community with friendly members from all over the globe.

Our main priority is to enjoy games together as a team! This way we hope to achieve the best Gaming Experience & Team Spirit on our High-End & lagg / cheater free dedicated servers! We have fun playing games and are keen to meet new people!


Please follow these simple rules in order to be part of out team.

  1. We hold a zero tolerance against cheaters. This includes hacking, Scripting and glitching
  2. Be nice towards each other, refrain form racism and bullying
  3. No need to spam any messages, we see you
  4. Don’t argue with Members and Admins, you won’t win
  5. No use of abusive or offensive language (in any language) or behavior towards players, members and admins
  6. Don’t advertise, We’re not interesed in your server, site, clan or product
  7. Form even (and fair) teams, don’t stack up
  8. No Spawnkilling, give others a chance
  9. Have Fun